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Provence Travel Guide/ The South of France Diary

Provence a region in southeastern France, it is known for its lavender fields and its picturesque scenery. So our drive to Provence was incredible! Miles and miles of lavender and sunflower fields. It was a scene out of a movie, and I was in love!

Since Provence is a region and there are so many places to visit it was highly recommend to stay somewhere central so you can drive to each city with ease. So thats exactly what we did! We stayed in the middle of nowhere!

*NOTE you need a car to explore Provence.

9.9.17 It took us about 3 hrs from Nice to Graveson, France. Which is the middle of Provence and we stopped in Cannes for lunch. I found this beautiful 16th century Monastery that was converted into a Bed & Breakfast called Le Mas Vieux. We stayed in the lovers room. It was the perfect location for all our day trips! Beautiful courtyard and our favorite was the homemade french breakfast!! Chocolate croissants, french toast, homemade apricot marmalade, warm baguettes, and it was delicious! Plus the owners were amazing, they were so loving and welcoming.

Our last night we made some really cool friends from Toronto, and Korea. We stayed up drinking wine, chatting under the stars in the courtyard. We had a fire pit to stay warm and cheese platter to pick on.



Our first day trip and only a 30 minute drive away we went to this cute little hilltop village called Gordes. All the houses are made of white stone, spiraling around the hill and at the very top the church and castle overlook this beautiful view! This was one of my favorite villages through out our whole trip. I definitely want to come back and stay here for a few nights.

On the way down we stopped at the famous Sénanque Abbey​. If you go in the right time of the year, lavender surrounds The Abbey. Its only a 5 minute drive away from Gordes.


AVIGNON We then decided to drive to Avignon because it was only a 30 minute drive as well and it was only mid day. Avignon is a fortress city and it has a lot of history!! The Pope once resided here which divided the catholic church and caused a lot of turmoil.

Here's a list of things to do here in Avignon.

-Palais de Papes -The Pope's Palace (Must see the light show at night)

-Clock Square

-Avignon Cathedral

-Rocher des Doms

-Avignon Bridge

-Avignon City Walls



Every night we drove to a little town called St.Remy to have dinner. It was a 15 minute drive. We ate at this wonderful french restaurant that was highly recommended l’Aile ou la Cuisse​. You must make a reservation it gets packed no matter what day of the week it is. Try the Foie gras and the coquelet en croûte. We highly recommend it!



Aix en Provence the city of a thousand fountains. Out of all the bigger cities in Provence this was my favorite. The city is so alive! There are so many places to eat, everyone walking , and the ambiance gives you so much energy!

Things to do

-The Old Town (Have lunch there, great people watching views lol)

-Fountain of Hot Water

-Town Hall Square

-Aix Cathedral

-Rotunda Fountain

-Fountain of Nine Cannons

_Fountain of Four Dolphins

-Place d' Albertas Fountain



Heels from Lulu.

Shirt Dress from Forever 21.

Denim Jeans from Sorella.

Blush Crop Top from The Concrete Runway.

Sneakers Nike Air Max 90.

Next Stop Lyon.


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