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Chateau's and Castle's : Travel Guide / The South of France Diary

The main goal for us in the south of France was to stay in a chateau and a castle! That has been a dream of mine, and I was going to make it happen. So on the way to my dream vacation we decided to stop in Lyon, France for a few days so that we can strategically be staying in a chateau for my birthday.




It was a 2.5 hr drive from Provence. Lyon is the capital city in Auvergne Rhone Alpes Region. We definitely underestimated Lyon because it was a wonderful city!

Restaurants everywhere, and no matter what day of the week the streets were packed at night with things to do We stayed in this amazing modern Air bnb hosted by a super host Niko! We highly recommend his properties.

NOTE* We cooked ourselves a homemade meal one night and bought groceries to eat breakfast at home in the mornings. We recommend always getting some groceries for snacks and breakfast when you are traveling through out Europe.


-Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere

-Old Lyon

-Terreaux Square

-Bellecour Square


-Two Amigos (We got a little tired of french food at this point and found the best Mexican restaurant!!! Try the Nachos.)

-The Crock 'n' Roll (This is a must! Its very known in Lyon.)




Today I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and delicious pastries for breakfast and we took off to our fancy Chateau to spend my birthday. It was only a 2 hour drive to Noth, France. I was sooo excited!! Driving there we felt like we were in Beauty and the Beast, because we were driving through the forest until it opened up to a beautiful view of a valley with Chateau de la Cazine sitting elegantly in the middle. It was breathtaking and a dream come true!

That night we celebrated my 29th birthday by having a wonderful dinner in the Chateau. A five course french dinner accompanied with champagne. We spent the rest of night, talking, listening to french jazz music, dancing, and siping on champagne in the Chateau's library. It was magical, just Victor and I. A memory I will never forget.

Two piece set from Concrete Runway.

The next day the hotel had a wonderful breakfast for its guest and we decided to stay in and explore everything Chateau de la Cazine had to offer. They had bicycles so we went around the whole lake and its surrounding area. We even found an abandoned chateau which later we found out was the original building built in 1898. I also had a few photoshoots I will share soon. We went hiking in the forest and we spent the day in the pool.

Bathing Suit from Shein.

Hat from Genuine People.

We spent two nights here and on our last night we decided to go into the small village a few miles out to go by wine, local cheeses and meats. We created a platter and spent the whole night eating, listening to music and enjoying our romantic last night in Chateau de la Cazine.




Our next adventure is in Veuil, France!! Literally the middle of no where but we were going to stay in a CASTLE!!!!! We were on our way to a castle that has lived through many wars and has a lot of history and the only room that remains intact is The King's Chamber. A Castle built in 1519!! Game of Thrones status and we were staying in "The King's Chamber"!!

The host Jean Claude was incredible, welcomed us with some wine and recommendations for dinner. The night in the castle was a little scary but exciting! The Castle and surrounding area is very very dark at night. Candle lit room and hallways, just like the old days, so it definitely was an experience to remember. It was the only night through out this whole trip that we did not sleep well! I believe its because theres a lot of energy there, a lot of war, a lot of memories. Other then that we had a wonderful stay here. We highly recommend staying here if you ever get the chance!! I had a photoshoot here too. I will share soon!!




On our way to Paris we stopped by the Palace of Versailles! Everything dripped in gold! My favorite btw. Grandiose gardens and decor. It was beautiful! We only stayed one night in Paris because the next day we were flying back to Miami!

After 14 days exploring the south of France we were on our way back home. It was definitely a trip to remember and we will be back.



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