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Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Fall is upon us and to me its the best time of year. Even though I live in miami and fall doesn't exist, I still love the fall. If we are lucky we get about one week of 70 degree weather. And when we do we take out everything in our closet that would be considered fall fashion!!! Everything! Leather jackets, fur coats, peacoats , boots, timberlands, the list goes on. I mean its 90 degrees outside and we wear denim jackets on the regular so you can only imagine.



This season I'm obsessed with everything camo but especially the high waisted camo trousers. They are so comfortable plus it gives you the military vibes which are definitely a trend thats come back. The amazing thing about these trousers are that the waist is adjustable!!! Up to 2 inches!! So for you ladies like me that are thick and have a small waist and always have problems fitting into everything.... these are for you!!!


You can dress these trousers up or down!

You can dress them up by wearing some heels or booties with a nice crop top or body suit. Here I paired them with heels, a crop top, and an oversized bomber jacket but I belted it at the waist so I can give it a more high fashion look.

You can also dress them down by wearing sneakers and a t-shirt.


Camo Trousers: Immaculate Streetwear

Oversized Bomber Jacket: Immaculate Streetwear

Heels: Aldo

Crop Top: Forever 21


But if you are like me you can dress them up and down at the same time. So I'll pair them with some boots, a crop top, and oversized jacket.

Camo Trouser: Immaculate Streetwear

Coaches Jacket: Immaculate Streetwear

Sunglasses: Immaculate Streetwear

Crop Top: Forever 21

Boots: Lulus

Use Code MissRenata15 for 15%Off at Immaculate Streetwear.


From a casual day out having brunch or going out at night. These Camo trousers are a fall essential to looking fly this season.


Miss Renata

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