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I was born on September 14, 1988 and it was about to be my big 3-0. I was somewhat excited because I was going to throw a big fancy dinner party with my closest family and friends, but the truth is I was not excited to turn 30. You ask why? For several reasons! For starters I will not be in my 20's anymore and I forever feel 25. Also being in my 30's means kids will come fairly soon. Yes I do want kids but the thought of having maybe max 5 yrs left, with just Victor and I, to be extremely selfish, terrifies me! 5 yrs to me will go by, and feel like, just 1 yr left! Lastly my career. As a woman we sacrifice so much to become a mother and I have so many more things that I want to accomplish in my career before sacrificing a lot of it. My thoughts were chaotic. Was I too old to accomplish my goals because I am turning 30? Did the window of opportunity close? Am I looking old? etc......

So clearly I needed a new perspective, I needed new vision, and I needed new light going into this chapter and thats exactly what happened.

The week before turning 30 I did some soul searching and I was reminded that I am powerful, chosen by God, we wake up to new possibilities everyday, that God has a plan for my life that no eye has seen, or ear has heard, or mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for me. I was also reminded of the blessing it is to grow with wisdom, that there is a call to my life, and that its never to late to start but its always to early to quit!! Here's to turning 30 with grace and with wisdom, here's my 30 thoughts on turning 30.


1. 30 = Confidence : As I've gotten older I've stopped trying to impress people and theres so much freedom in that. I've done me! Who am I as a person does not stem from my job, the amount of money I make, the amount of followers/ likes I get, or the relationships I have. I don't worry about who likes me or not and in having that mentality it has made me more confident in who I am. You do you boo!

2. I've learned to say "No": I've always had a problem with overcommitting. Trying to always do the most! Not only does overcommitting stress me out, I wouldn't do things to my full potential, and the intention of my heart was not a heart of willingness. Saying no to things and not overcommitting has made me realize that it isn't a big deal, I had the false impression that I was letting people down. I feel less guilty now when I say "No" and I do the things that I actually want to do with a willing heart.

3. My parents are cool! : In your teens and early 20's all you want to do is stay away from your parents. I've found myself in the last few years just wanting to hang out with them on the weekends, calling them more often, planning my life with them in mind. My parents are cool, they are my friends, I have fun with them + they have a lot of wisdom to share.

4. Health is Wealth : I am really intentional on what I put into my body these days. I can't urge you enough to educate yourself on the foods you eat. The healthier you are the better you feel, the stronger you are, and your quality of life is maximized!

5. Trust your intuition: Trust your gut! Seriously this is huge for me. If you feel the vibes are off, trust your feelings!! Victor calls me a witch lol I call it intuition and the holy ghost.

6. BALANCE: Life is meant to live it! I've been a huge victim of this! So concentrated on my career that I miss out on life and all it has to offer. I'm not saying to not focus and hustle, what I am saying is having balance is key. Hustle Hard, and Play Hard. If not your life will pass you by.

7. SELF LOVE: Self love is everything to me. Like I said before, its all about balance. If you don't take the time to love on yourself then things become too overwhelming. Whether its getting a massage, going to the gym, spending alone time, whichever it may be it is absolutely needed to refresh your spirits!

8. Believing in yourself: I feel like most of my life I've battled with self doubt. I am my biggest critic and I battle with myself mentally, daily. I believe its a product of the career I've been in my whole life (entertainment industry) which has stayed with me into my adulthood. For the last year I've been really intentional in taking all my thoughts captive! It is so powerful to believe in yourself, to believe in words of affirmation! It will make you more confident in everything you want to do in life. Trust me it will you and change your life.

9. Gratitude : I've always been thankful for life, for opportunities, for my friendships for most things but I lacked the overwhelming emotion of gratitude. And I wanted to feel that!! Once you take a step back and realize how blessed we even are to be alive, seriously, to be alive and breathing at this moment. Take a moment and think about that... You could of died in several accidents that you just barely missed by seconds... seconds... along with so many other things.That's when I realized how loved and blessed I truly am thats when the overwhelming sensation of gratitude filled my heart.

10. Setting goals + Vision Board : There's something about visually seeing your goals on a vision board. A daily reminder of your goals, it is so powerful!! I've seen dreams come true once I started creating my vision boards. Sets your intentions for the day and in no time you will see your goals come into fruition.

11. Enjoy the Process: I used to get overwhelmed and uninspired when my dreams and goals were taking too long. I've learned that you have to enjoy the process. Success will be much sweeter! Remember no pain no gain and remember the process prepares you for something greater. If you are not prepared you will not be able to handle the greater task.

12. Good friends are Gold: My mom used to tell me when I was a little girl if I am lucky I will be able to count my true friends in one hand. I never really understood it because I thought I had so many true friends. I get it now! She was right. True friends are hard to find! They are gold! I am blessed to have a solid group of true friends but advice to all of you when you find a true friend, keep them! Be kind to them, show them love, and be a true friend in return.

13. Marriage is AMAZING! : There are so many misconceptions on marriage. People are really against it nowadays. For me marriage has been nothing short of a dream. God has blessed us with each other and I couldn't be happier. I seriously cannot see myself doing life without Victor. He's my bestfriend! So one advice, don't be against marriage! When you find that perfect person you will get to have a permanent sleepover with your best friend forever, and it is so fun!

14. Invest in your Marriage/relationships: I know this might pertain to some of you but I think this goes for most relationships. Investing in your marriage/relationships. We all get caught up with things to do! Life, work, errands etc.. But taking the time to have date nights, vacations, quality time spent together without distractions will always make your bond stronger. Victor and I have struggled with this because we both are business owners so we never clock out but once we were intentional on making date nights it had definitely made our bond stronger.

15. TRAVEL : Save your money to travel! It will open your mind! It is absolutely the number one thing I recommend to do in your 20's! You will make memories that will last a life time. TRAVEL!!

16: Drink Water : and lots of it! It's very important! Keeps you healthy in the inside and makes your skin look beautiful!! I drink 1 galloon a day.

17. Changing your Perspective: In my early 20's I was so radical. My way or the highway. What I thought was finite but no thats not true. You have to change your perspective on things and put yourself in the other persons shoes. This allows understanding, a peaceful way of understanding one another.

18. Patience is a Virtue: Yes this can be very hard because trust me I know people are complicated. But trust me when I say this will make your life a lot easier and peaceful.

19. Skincare is important! : Yes I'm 30 and I still look young and I want to keep it that way. Creating a daytime/nighttime skincare routine is important. Also be careful with what you put on your face so many Anti wrinkle creams have toxic chemicals. I opt for lines that are all natural. Rosehip oil is my secret!

20. Save Money + Invest It: Honestly if I could of learn this early I would of! Save money and invest it!! This is something most people don't learn because its set up in a way that makes it hard to learn. Learn how to invest your money so you don't worry about your future later on. The earlier you start the better. You can retire as a millionaire. Look up FPU it changed our life.

21. Exercise: Exercise to feel good then the looking good will come.

22. Staying consistent is Key! : Guys this is so important and it goes for almost everything in life!! Staying consistent in life, whether its working out, eating healthy, working towards a goal! Most of the time we quit too early!! Stay in there breakthrough is around the corner!

23. Eat the cookie: I spent most of my 20's restricting everything. My life was a diet! A terrible way to live. I've realized staying consistent on eating healthy and working out daily, I can allow my self to eat that cookie, chocolate, pizza etc without feeling guilty. I deserve it!

24. Real Estate: Buy a house, buy an apartment, buy some sort of real estate. It is an investment and a great way to invest. I'm becoming obsessed with all things HGTV, pretty soon we will be the Miami version of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

25. Friendships after HighSchool : require intentional effort on both ways. I's a two way street. It's hard to make friends after college/highschool but its not impossible! It requires work and intentional actions. Some of my closest friends were made after high school. So if people are reaching out to you pay attention they may be wanting to become friends!

26. "La Vida es un Carnival" : Life truly is a roller coaster. You will go through ups and downs. Life will be tough but it will also be very beautiful! Victor and I have had one of the hardest years of our lives this year. But we know that God has been by our side the whole time! Stay strong stay faithful in believing there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

27. Family is Everything : Yes, there’s a good chance there’s some dysfunction or imperfection within your family, but there is a tremendous amount of beauty and meaning within those complexities. Whatever craziness there is, embrace your family.​

28. Sleep!!! : Sleep cures almost everything and keeps you younger and healthier! Plus a good friend told me to and enjoy all time I can sleep now because once we have kids I will never sleep again!! Naps are my favorite pastime lol

29. I'm still young and flyer than ever!

30. The Best is Yet to Come! : Your story is not over yet!! 30's is all about knowing who you really are! It's about Changing the things that no longer serve you and make you happy! Surrounding yourself with the people you love and doing the things that make you happiest! There is inspiration everywhere! 30's are all about the endless opportunities that are about to come! Cheers to another 30!!


Miss Renata

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