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NYFW 19 Recap + Trends/Tips

So most of you know that that this was my first NYFW and it was incredible! This was something I never imagined to do this year so to say the least I was living a dream.

I learned so many things on how to do things that I wanted to share with you plus the runway trends that I loved.



1. How to get invited to NYFW?

-First plan out the shows you want to see by visiting

-Then research who the PR company is for the designer and reach out to them letting them know you want to attend. Let them know who you are, who your audience is, and links to your work.

2. For me the most important and most valuable tip is to stay close to shows. Basically close to Soho and Chelsea. Most of the shows you will be attending will be at Pier 59 and Spring Studios so keep that in mind. The reason is because you will want to change your wardrobe for different shows and everything is easier if you are close and not commuting. I stayed at The Four Points Sheraton in Soho Village it was perfect an 11 minute walk to Spring Studios and a 15 min drive to Pier 59.

3. Honestly I think its important to travel with somebody. If its either a fellow blogger, or a group, a friend, or spouse but basically someone who can help with pictures, and that you can hang out with. I went with my friend Frank who basically was a life saver! He shot most of my pics and when he left I was screwed! I had to ask strangers and they never came out good.

4. Have your invitation bar code ready on your phone when you are in line. Here is a little secret you can print all your barcodes at once for each show at Spring Studios so you don't need to remake the line. They don't give you much time but if you can print a few ahead of time at your first show then it will help you with time.

5. Plan out your outfits ahead of time and kill them! You want to stand out! I styled my looks based on the show I was attending. You want to get dropped off a block before to get photographed by the photographers outside! Remember to show up and show out!



Designers: Damowang, EDGII, Romeo Hunte, I Love Pretty, Eitan Broude



-Structured Oversized Suits

- Floral Patterned Suits/Dresses

-Monochromatic Everything


-Neon Pastels

-Black & White Graphics/Pattern

-Black Leather

-Puffy Sleeves



**All pictures are also clickable with links of similar outfits if it is thrifted. Direct links to specific items not thrifted are written underneath.

Hat: Forever 21

Blazer & Skirt: Thrifted at Goodwill

Earrings: Miss Lola

Bag: Miss Lola

30% off Miss Lola with my code: MissRenata

Shoes: Shein


Dress: Eshakti

Sneakers: Fila at Urban Outfitters

Purse: Shein

Gold Bobby Pins: Target


Blazer: Meshki

Bodysuit: Meshki

Lace Shorts: Meshki

Purse: Miss Lola

30% off Miss Lola with my code: MissRenata

Chain: Shein

Heels: Forever 21


Blazer:Thrifted at Goodwill

Crop Top: Stranger Things

Denim: Thrifted at Goodwill

Sneakers: Fila at Urban Outfitters

Bag: Miss Lola

Clips: Miss Lola

30% off Miss Lola with my code: MissRenata


2 Piece Suit: Thrifted at Goodwill

Hat: Fashionable Hats

Belt: Shein

Cross Belt: Pretty Little Thing

Chain: Shein

Bag: Shein

Heels: Lulus


Hat: Shein

Dress: Shein

Bag: Miss Lola

Boots: Forever 21


Denim Neon Dress: Miss Lola

Sneakers: Miss Lola

Purse: Miss Lola

30% off Miss Lola with my code: MissRenata


Hope you guys enjoyed my recap of my first NYFW! Let me know what you liked and want to see more of. Hope this helps you navigate fashion week as well! I can't wait for next year!


Miss Renata

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